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VIP StarNetwork™ is designed around YOUR needs. When you hire our COVID-19 Health Safety Supervisors and Medical Team, not only will you receive diagnostic COVID-19 testing for all related staff, and policies & guidelines that ensure compliance with COVID-19 Safety Practices, but you will also receive timely results that provide peace of mind. Our team of top-level and high-ranking providers work to minimize hazards and unhealthy situations related to communicable diseases and other health measurements. Make sure the health, happiness and well-being of your staff is taken care of so you can safely return to work on-site.

VIP Mobile Medical Laboratory

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Diagnostic COVID-19 Group Testing

Hire a VIP StarNetwork COVID-19 Medical Team to perform diagnostic testing to all related staff and support all testing procedures.

Hire A COVID-19 Compliance Officer

The COVID-19 Compliance Officer acts as an autonomous designee, agreed upon by the producers and the guild but not responding to either.  The main duties of a CCO will include, but are not limited to, monitoring social distancing and symptoms, as well as testing, disinfecting protocols, other protocols, and adherence on set.

Hire A Health Safety Supervisor

Our Health Safety Supervisor follows the Safe Way Forward Guidelines and hires and coordinates the necessary COVID- related medical staff. They are responsible for COVID-19-related health safety for the production. They have the authority to pause the production in event that a breach threatens the health of the cast or the crew.

Hire A Zone Monitor

The Zone Monitor ensures that the policies and guidelines set by COVID-19 Compliance Officer and Health Safety Supervisor are being adhered to by all members.

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